Helping the best quarterbacks in the world, become better.


Your mindset has to be different to train with me, tougher. I’m not interested in training quarterbacks who hope they’ll be good. I want quarterbacks who are willing to sacrifice more than most to achieve greatness, push themselves a little further than they thought they could. People think what we do is too tough, and we’re okay with that because in that hard work, we’ve found greatness.”

Black Ops

Quarterback Takeover is excited to present Black Ops, the latest offering in premier QB training led by Coach Quincy Avery and some of the most trusted names in college and NFL coaching. By connecting talented middle and high school athletes, we further game development and help the next generation of elite QBs focus on their goals and push forward with their athletic ambitions.

Off Season Training

The Off Season Training Program is a 6 month commitment that helps athletes focus on specific skills each month ultimately preparing them for game day at the top of the season.

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Skill Sharpening Program

The Skill Sharpening Program takes place during football season and assists our athletes in focusing on the team component of the game along with the fundamentals they have built in the off season.

Flight School

Flight School Camp is our premier quarterback event each year. A truly unique experience pairing the opportunity to experience the same elite training as the quarterbacks you see each Sunday!

Private Training

Our Private Training is designed to train young athletes in a one on one setting and develop their mental toughness and the skills necessary to make the right calls when the game is on the line.


Million Dollars In Quarterback Scholarships Generated


D1 and D2 Athletes have gone on to receive scholarships

1 %

Personalized, Scholarship-driven Private Training

Proven Results

Through actionable training and the personal guidance of our staff, our quarterbacks are able to excel on the field and take their game to the next level– college football.


Throwing Mechanics, Balance, Drops, Footwork, On & Off Platform Throws


Our Above The Neck training covers multiple layers, giving athletes the mental composure to be tough in the moment and optimize mental capacity thru the last snap.

Coach Quincy Avery


Flight School

Flight School is the premier quarterback camp in the country. A unique experience; pairing the opportunity to connect with the quarterbacks that you watch each and every Saturday and Sunday throughout the football season with the ability to develop alongside them

One Day Camp

This deep-dive course provides each of our athletes with the opportunity to go through all of the details of the quarterback position in a small group setting. From the fine points of throwing to an intense look at understanding defenses, we will cover everything you need to know to be prepared when you hit the field.