Off Season Training

Our off-season program provides high school and middle school participants with the same detailed training as our professional and college quarterbacks by giving them identifiable goals to strive for and a way to track their progress through a phased approach each month.



Each year the season happens and we have had a program that has shown massive success to each of the quarterbacks who have used the Skill Sharpening Program. QBT has rapidly become the premiere Quarterback training company and the Skill Sharpening program is our most vital program to ensure that the work that was put in during the off-season comes to light on gameday’s.


Skill Sharpening Program

The Skills Sharpening program is of the utmost importance to our athletes and we strongly encourage them to attend. Here’s why: During football season, athletes focus on the team component of the game losing the fundamentals that they have built in the offseason. We combat this weakness with Skills Sharpening, which focuses on footwork, fundamentals, in-game mindset, throwing mechanics and has an intensive recovery component. Skills Sharpening is a staple of our training programs and has afforded several of our quarterbacks the opportunity to play college football.

Flight School

Flight School is the premier quarterback camp in the country. A unique experience; pairing the opportunity to connect with the quarterbacks that you watch each and every Saturday and Sunday throughout the football season with the ability to develop alongside them

One Day Camp

This deep-dive course provides each of our athletes with the opportunity to go through all of the details of the quarterback position in a small group setting. From the fine points of throwing to an intense look at understanding defenses, we will cover everything you need to know to be prepared when you hit the field.